"Exudes talent, panache and style - a must-see."

Nick Fogg, Artistic Director Marlborough Jazz Festival

“Tamsin is a joy to listen to and to watch – she really sparkles”

Shireen Francis, Singer

"Tamsin sings with a sparkle in her voice, swings easily on the beat and brings out the meaning of the lyrics with consummate ease."

Derek Anstell, Jazz Journal

"If you can't get to Ronnie Scott's and you are longing for something special to chill out to at home, pour a large glass of your favourite wine, pop this album on, & you are as good as there..."

'Under Your Spell' - Lynn Parsons, Jazz FM

"When Peggy Met Ella" has really come on since you worked with us...very relaxed and ad-libbed now.  Big thanks.  Learned a lot for future projects"

 Sarah Moule, Singer

"Tamsin Collison's libretto is brilliant: simple, elegant, noble words, well-phrased and well-set, and I enjoyed every one of them. The opera is short and the libretto is accordingly lean, but she deftly creates character and sets tone in a small space: it is intensely satisfying, rather like a great short story."

'Dart's Love' - Onestopsarts.com

"Tamsin’s own lyrics are both witty and elegant, and her translations display an ability to capture the intention and style of the originals. She has an instinct for knowing what will ‘sing’."

Mark Jennett, Singer

"Tamsin's tasteful lyrics tell stories, inviting the listener on a journey and capturing the imagination. You can tell when an audience is hooked by the story you sing, and Tamsin's words never fail!"

Gabrielle Ducomble, Singer

"I've been listening to 'Dracula' on my iPad - good stuff!  Indeed, I've had to turn it down a few times, so blood-curdling were the screams...."

Anthony Quinn, Head of Screen and Audio Performance, L.A.M.D.A.

"A strong, committed teacher, who not only knows her subject matter well, but has an infectious enthusiasm that the students thrive on."

Edward Hicks, Head of Media - R.A.D.A.

"Radio remains one of my absolute fave mediums, all thanks to your inspiring training." 

Rose Robinson, Actor, 'Mixed Doubles' Sketch Troupe

"You can tell who the LAMDA graduates are because the training is so good - and it shows."

Sean O'Connor, Editor, The Archers