Tamsin has directed J.K. Rowling's Quidditch Through the Ages and The Quidditch World Cup for Pottermore/Audible, with Andrew Lincoln (Kennilworthy Whisp), Imogen Church (Ginny Potter) and Annette Badland (Rita Skeeter).  Extra magic was sprinkled over the recordings by the sound team at Pinewood Studios.  Order at Audible.com (US) or Audible.co.uk (UK).  Further details can be found at Pottermore History of Quidditch

Other recent productions include:

Wise Children.  Angela Carter's rumbustious comic novel about an unruly theatrical dynasty.  Read by Tracey Ullman.

The Magic Toyshop.  Angela Carter's coming of age story about three orphans and a sinister family of toymakers.  Read by Fiona Shaw. 

A Tale of Two Cities.  Charles Dickens's tale of love and self-sacrifice in the shadow of the guilloutine.  Ready by Simon Callow.

In Another Country.  David Constantine's haunting, delicate short stories.  Read by Juliet Stevenson and Sir Derek Jacobi.

Istanbul.  Bettany Hughes views world history through the prism of an ever-changing city.  Read by the author. 

Let Go My Hand.  Edward Docx's latest novel tells of the darkly-comic, dysfuntional relationship between a dying father and his three angry sons. Read by Daniel Weyman.

The City Always Wins.  The rise and fall of the Arab Spring in Cairo, 2011.  Written by Omar Robert Hamilton and read by Khalid Abdalla.